New State Funding for School Chaplaincy   

Funding has been announced for The Student Wellbeing Support Program.

On Friday 10 November the Department of Education announced details of The Student Wellbeing Support Program.

“The Student Wellbeing Support Program 2018 – 2020 is a 3-year program to support schools, working in partnership with their local community, with additional funding for a student wellbeing support officer to support school wellbeing approaches.

The NSW Department of Education will provide funding to successful schools of up to $7,000 to engage a student wellbeing support officer. Schools must contribute $7,000 and source $7,000 from the community.


The application process is now open until 4pm on 24 November 2017.

School Chaplaincy plays a vital role in the care structure of your school. We look forward to assisting you in meeting your wellbeing needs.

Generate has over 10 years’ experience and is currently supporting over 220 schools across NSW to provide a professional chaplaincy program.

The chaplaincy program has become a key aspect for supporting students for those schools involved.

"Within our school the Chaplain has provided opportunities for student wellbeing to become a priority. The role has enabled students who have high needs to be catered for in ongoing programs, such as Peer Support, Bounce Back and general pastoral care. Student wellbeing has improved over the past 12 months by having a Chaplain."

Helen Sturman, Principal, Ladysmith Public School

The chaplaincy program helps in providing holistic care for the wellbeing of students, staff and parent communities. 

The 3 major areas Chaplains are focused on are: Anxiety, Building Resilience, Social Skills.


This graph illustrates the key areas of wellbeing Chaplains are spending their time.


Students doing craft