About Generate

Generate helps NSW Scripture Teachers, School Chaplains and local Scripture Boards and Chaplaincy Support Committees strengthen their ministry in NSW schools so that many more young lives will be transformed. Generate supports combined churches high school SRE Boards and employs their SRE Teachers in New South Wales government secondary schools; Generate also employs Chaplains in both primary and secondary government schools under the National School Chaplaincy Program with additional local church and community support.


Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to envision and generate effective and respected Christian ministries in NSW government schools.


We seek to:

  • be dependent on God, prayerful and faithful, looking for God-honouring results.
  • work in cooperation with the local Christian community.
  • respect and act with integrity towards the government, schools, parents and other caregivers and their children.
  • humbly provide a trustworthy and reliable service with integrity.
  • model courageous, entrepreneurial, servant-hearted leadership.