About Generate

Generate works in NSW public schools supporting students and their communities through the provision of Chaplaincy and Scripture (SRE).

School Chaplains extend the care structures in schools to improve the wellbeing of young people through holistic pastoral care, targeted programs or one-on-one mentoring, developing young people through relationships and providing local community connections.

SRE gives young people the knowledge and critical skills to make informed decisions for themselves on matters of the faith of their family. Generate works with local churches to provide professional SRE teaching to their local high and central schools.


Generate Ministries’ Vision:

 To see NSW public school students and their communities blessed through respected word and deed ministries to the glory of God.



Generate seeks to:

  • Rely on Almighty God, prayerfully and faithfully, seeking God-honouring outcomes.
  • Partner with local Christian communities to serve local schools.
  • Honour the government, respect the schools and act with integrity towards students, parents and other caregivers.
  • Be trustworthy and reliable in all our services.
  • Work as courageous servant-hearted leaders following the example of Christ.