New State Funding for School Chaplaincy   

Funding has been announced for The Student Wellbeing Support Program.

The Department of Education has released the details of their new Student Wellbeing Support Program.

“The Student Wellbeing Support Program 2018 – 2020 is a 3-year program to support schools, working in partnership with their local community, with additional funding for a student wellbeing support officer to support school wellbeing approaches.

The NSW Department of Education will provide funding to successful schools of up to $7,000 to engage a student wellbeing support officer. Schools must contribute $7,000 and source $7,000 from the community.

Schools have the option to engage a chaplain or youth worker to fill the role of student wellbeing support officer based on what best meets the needs of their students.”

For more information please see the Department of Education – Wellbeing Support page

Generate is able to offer up to 50 schools, new to Chaplaincy, a community funding grant of $7000 for 2018.

Schools needed to have applied with the Department of Education to be considered for the program. Schools who would like to apply for a Generate Community Funding grant, can register their interest with Generate below.  


What is the role of the Student Wellbeing Support Officer?

While the key tasks of a student wellbeing support officer will vary depending on the needs of individual school communities, they could include:

  • Working closely with, and/or as part of the school learning and support team or wellbeing committee and deliver student resilience and wellbeing services.
  • Supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of students.
  • Developing relationships with, and referring students to specialist services within the school or externally, under the supervision of the school principal.
  • Attending Parents & Citizens’ or equivalent parent body meetings as required to provide details of the program and the services that are available.
  • Facilitating community partnership programs between the school and the wider community, under the supervision of the school principal.


Generate has over 10 years’ experience and is currently supporting over 220 schools across NSW to provide a professional chaplaincy program.

The chaplaincy program helps in providing holistic care for the wellbeing of students, staff and parent communities. 

The chaplaincy program has become a key aspect for supporting students for those schools involved.

"Our Chaplain is an integral part of  our school's wellbeing program. She works closely with staff, students and their families to ensure appropriate and considered support is provided in a kind and caring manner. Our Chaplain is valued and respected by all!"

Kim Fawcett, Principal, Matthew Pearce Public School


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