The Story of Generate

Generate was formed in 2005, as a joint ministry of Scripture Union NSW, Sydney Anglican Youthworks, Presbyterian Youth NSW and the Baptist Churches of NSW and the ACT.

Generate's initial aim was to assist local churches to place paid SRE Teachers in their local high schools. This model has proven to be successful and there is an increasing number of SRE Boards and Teachers working with Generate.

The National Schools Chaplaincy Program began in NSW in 2007 with the aim to extend the work of Chaplaincy being provided in other states. Generate continues to be involved in the program and has a strong track record of providing quality Chaplains to primary and secondary schools across the state.

Generate is seen to be the leading provider of SRE and Chaplaincy in NSW Government schools with an experienced, hardworking team. Through our grassroots networks we are committed to maximising the opportunity to make SRE available for all high school students, and to provide quality Chaplains to NSW state schools.