What is SRE

What Happens in SRE
Questions. Answers. Discussion. Fun. Learning. Encouragement. Growth. Exploration. Realisation. Change. All this and more happens in High School SRE.

Special Religious Education (SRE) has been part of NSW schooling since 1849. The current NSW Education Act requires that time be allocated for religious education in all government schools, and, in the case of Christian SRE, that this teaching be delivered by authorised persons representing the Christian faith.

SRE allows approved providers, usually from local churches, to enter Government Schools during school hours, and teach about their distinctive beliefs, values and practices. The number of hours and days set aside for SRE each week is determined by each individual school, but there are minimum requirements set by the Government.

ourSRE supports local churches and their communities in making SRE available, and ensuring SRE is delivered in a cohesive, professional and engaging manner.

Students who attend SRE classes conducted by ourSRE Teachers:

Receive teaching about the Bible and the Christian faith, and how it applies to life today;
Are given opportunities to raise questions and have discussions about faith, identity, purpose, values and worldviews;
Are encouraged to value one another and their relationships;
If they are committed Christians, will be supported and encouraged in developing their personal faith.
Christian SRE is valuable for families who would like their children to understand the Bible and the Christian faith, and engage with a significant part of our Australian heritage.