How to get SRE

If you are looking to start a Scripture Board for Special Religious Education (SRE) Teacher employment, you have come to the right place!

Christian SRE is a valuable way for young people to engage with the Bible, yet not all High Schools across NSW have Christian SRE programs available for students. Starting an SRE program at a local High School may seem a daunting task for churches. Also thinking of becoming an SRE (Scripture) High School Teacher can also appear very challenging. These challenges are why Generate exist to help support you.

Generate’s ourSRE program is designed to help local churches and schools partner together in offering SRE to interested families and students. ourSRE Advisers are available to help you work with schools, churches and the Department of Education & Communities to create a suitable SRE program for the schools in your area. We also help train SRE Teachers and offer ongoing support.

Being part of ourSRE makes this process a whole lot easier and ensures the SRE offered is of the highest standard. Through ourSRE, Generate provides:

  • Advocacy between local churches to establish a combined church SRE Board
  • A curriculum approved by major SRE providers
  • Assistance in the recruitment and training of professional SRE Teachers
  • Advocacy with local schools to formalise an appropriate SRE program
  • Administration of payroll, insurance and other compliance items to make offering SRE less of an administrative burden for local churches
  • Training for SRE Boards regarding best governances and practice including a copy of The
  • Generate Handbook for SRE Boards and best fundraising principles, including a copy of The
  • Generate Fundraising Workbook for SRE Boards
  • Administration of donor receipting (Sub-committees)
  • Tax Deductable Gift Recipient (DGR) status (Sub-committees)

We would love to help support your desire to have SRE in your local High School/s. Please contact us for an initial conversation and to arrange to meet your regional SRE Advisor.