SRE - Special Religious Education

What is SRE

Special Religious Education (SRE) encourages students to explore the basics of the Christian faith from the Bible.

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Who teaches SRE

SRE Teachers are qualified and professional individuals who help students engage with the Bible and understand the Christian faith.

How to support SRE

Find out how to get SRE in your school or support a local program.

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What is SRE?

Special Religious Education (SRE) (also known as Scripture) has been part of NSW schooling since 1849. The current NSW Education Act requires that time be allocated for religious education in all government schools and, in the case of Christian SRE, that this teaching be delivered by authorised persons representing the Christian faith.

SRE allows teachers authorised by approved providers, usually from local churches, to enter Government Schools during school hours, and teach about their distinctive beliefs, values and practices. The number of hours and days set aside for SRE each week is determined by each individual school, but there are minimum requirements set by the Department of Education.

SU Australia Generate supports local churches and their communities in making SRE available, and ensuring SRE is delivered in a cohesive, professional and engaging manner.

What happens in SRE?

Students who attend SRE classes conducted by SRE Teachers:

Receive teaching about the Bible and the Christian faith, and how it applies to life today;

Are given opportunities to raise questions and have discussions about faith, identity, purpose, values and worldviews;

Are encouraged to value one another and their relationships;

If they are committed Christians, will be supported and encouraged in developing their personal faith.

Christian SRE is valuable for families who would like their children to understand the Bible and the Christian faith and engage with a significant part of our Australian heritage.


Curriculum and Authorisation

SRE Teachers are authorised by Approved Providers to work in their schools.

Each Teacher also works within an authorised curriculum approved by the Providers.

Who does SRE?

Teacher qualifications

SRE Teachers are qualified, professional and committed individuals who help students explore and understand the Bible, teaching the Christian faith.

To maintain the highest standards of SRE teaching, SU Australia Generate requires the following qualifications of SRE Teachers;


Current Working With Children Check number;

Agreement to abide by SU Australia Generate Terms of Employment Contract & Code of Conduct;

Have obtained or be actively pursuing a Diploma of Theology/Ministry (High School roles) or a Certificate of Theology/Ministry (Primary School roles) from an approved institution;

Must be approved to teach SRE by an authorised provider;

Have current church-based child protection training.


Qualifications in education, youth work or equivalent;

Recent, relevant experience in, or familiarity with, the NSW Public Education system.


SU Australia Generate SRE Teacher Qualities

Experience with Youth/Children

A proven ability to work effectively with young people and a broad understanding of youth/children and issues affecting them.


A demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with a range of people in a range of settings.


A demonstrated ability to work both as a member of a team and independently.

Experience in Schools and Education

Proven effective involvement in and a demonstrated understanding of the operation of State schools.

SU Australia Generate Employee Requirements

SU Australia Generate requires employees to have a commitment to Christian faith, conduct and professional development as well as adherence to Child Protection regulations and Department of Education guidelines.

Check out SRE positions available here.

How to support SRE

Get involved

Join a local support team.

Each Generate SRE Teacher is supported by a local SRE Board made up of volunteers and church representatives.

What does an SRE Board do?

SRE Boards play a vital role in supporting SRE Teachers, managing resources and communicating in the local region.

Some of the important tasks that Boards fulfil include:

  1. Raising awareness, funds and prayer support from local church communities;
  2. Liaising with school management to ensure quality, professional SRE is delivered in a supportive school environment;
  3. Identifying, equipping and training SRE Teachers with the help of SU Australia Generate;
  4. Utilising the gifts and resources available from each partner church.

Become an SRE Advocate in your church. Help inform and connect your church community with the local SRE programs in schools in your area.

Give to the work

Donate to your local school or statewide program