In partnership with Anglican Youthworks, Baptist Youth Ministries and Presbyterian Youth, Generate Ministries has developed a Curriculum Framework for High School SRE. This framework consists of:

  1. A Statement of Outcomes for High School SRE,
  2. Teaching materials that have been produced and/or approved by a recognised SRE Provider and recognised by Generate as Endorsed Implementations of the Curriculum Framework.

All SRE teachers employed by Generate are required to use materials that are Endorsed Implementations of the Generate Curriculum Framework.

Curriculum's currently endorsed by the Generate include the following:

  • Jesus the Game Changer - Authorised by Baptist Association of NSW/ACT
  • PeaceWiseYouth - Authorised by Baptist Association of NSW/ACT
  • Think Faith - Authorised by Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney

Please note that Generate is not a provider or authoriser of SRE. Only denominations, dioceses or churches that are recognised providers of SRE can authorise teachers and curriculum. Click here for a list of authorised providers.