Teacher qualifications

High standards and ongoing professional development are qualities that underpin the ourSRE program.

OurSRE Teachers must meet specific, ongoing  requirements because we believe young people deserve the highest standard of Christian religious education.

In line with this, ourSRE Teachers

  • Must undergo regular teacher reviews, initially within the first six months of employment and then annually;
  • Are required to attend professional development and Generate training events;
  • Must have a Diploma of Theology qualification or higher, or be enrolled as a trainee;
  • Must have completed basic SRE Accreditation training;
  • Will have a current NSW Working With Children check number and must show evidence of recent church-based Child Protection training;
  • Have access to a regional SRE Adviser who provides additional support;
  • Are required to sign assent to the Nicene Creed and the Scripture Union Statement of Belief.

If you’re a motivated Christian who would like to help high school students understand the Bible and the Christian faith, consider becoming a Generate SRE Teacher.

This is a paid ministry position, and there are some minimum requirements you’re required to meet in order to be considered for the role.You’ll be expected to maintain a high, professional standard and undertake training and reviews as required. In return, you’ll receive professional development opportunities, and support and encouragement from an allocated SRE Advisor and the Generate SRE community.

Following are the minimum requirements for employment as an SRE Teacher:

  • You’ll need to be an active member of a Christian church that is also a recognised provider of SRE;
  • You’ll need to undertake (or have undertaken) a NSW Working with Children Check and provide evidence of church-based Child Protection training within the past three years;
  • You must have an Australian College of Theology Diploma of Theology (or equivalent or higher, from a Generate-approved training institution - ask us for recognition of completed studies) or be enrolled as a trainee on the job (if you need to enrol and study part time, the minimum rate is 3 subjects every four semesters, though more is advisable if possible);
  • You’ll need to sign to confirm your agreement with the Nicene Creed and the Scripture Union Statement of Belief;
  • You’ll need to complete, or have completed, basic SRE Accreditation training required of all SRE Teachers, whether voluntary or paid; and you’ll be required to undergo regular teacher reviews; within the first six months of employment, and then every three years.

If you are interested this rewarding ministry please take a look at our position vacants or contact us.

A Professional Paid Ministry

As an ourSRE Teacher you have the opportunity to take part in a valuable and rewarding ministry, where you’ll receive ongoing training and support. All the curriculum materials you need are provided and SRE teaching is a paid, ongoing position.

SRE teaching is valuable: you’ll be helping young people understand and engage with the Bible, through questioning, exploring and discovering what the Christian faith is about.

SRE teaching is rewarding: you get to be a part of something important, and receive compensation for your work, thanks to the generosity of local Christians who support the ministry.

SRE Teachers are trained and supported: you’ll receive ongoing training in areas such as classroom management, and how to respond appropriately to tough questions. You’ll also have the support of an SRE Adviser and access to an online portal connecting you with the SRE community and plenty of helpful resources.

The curriculum is provided: the SRE curriculum has been designed to meet the required educational standards. You’ll have all the materials you need, with the flexibility to make the content work best for your students.

SRE Teachers are an ongoing presence: ourSRE Teachers have a regular presence and set days each week at schools. It’s a great way to get to know students and play a continued role in educating them about the Christian faith.

Want to know more? Click here to learn about the specific requirements for becoming a ourSRE Teacher.

Generate SRE Advisors

One of the key advantages of partnering with ourSRE is that your regional Advisor has experience and knowledge to support you in your role. If you are a Board Chair, Secretary, Treasurer or other member of the Board our Advisors are there to answer questions you may have or supply resources that may help you in your role. If you are an ourSRE Teacher, Advisors are there to support you in your role as Teacher with help in the art of teaching, support with curriculum and resources and working in your local school and with your local Board.

Each of ourSRE Advisors has experience as Bible teachers and knowledge of Board governance. They are well versed in the history of SRE and keep up-to-date on current Department of Education and Communities policies regarding ‘Religion’ in NSW State Schools.  By partnering with ourSRE these Advisors are there to help serve and support you in your role. They also initiate conversations with local church leaders to engage them in starting SRE in schools where it is not yet established or could be further developed.

It is a partnership and together, we all do make a difference.

Contact us to speak with your local SRE Advisor.